Delivery Note Workaround

Create a packing slip

One of the shortcomings of Xero is the lack of delivery notes. Use this workaround to create a packing slip that can be sent out to customers with their deliveries

Download the packing slip and invoice template from Xero

  1. Download the combined packing slip and invoice template:Packing slip and invoice template (DOCX, 26KB)

    The packing slip and invoice template is 2 pages, and contains an invoice and a packing slip. Xero will generate both together, each time you print an invoice that uses this branding theme. Delete the content on the 1st page if you don't want an invoice when you print the packing slip.

  2. If you want to make changes, like adding your logo or removing the invoice section of the template, do this now.Rules for using custom (DOCX) templates for invoice branding
  3. Save it to your computer.

Set up your branding theme

  1. Click the organisation name, select Settings, then click Invoice Settings.
  2. Click New Branding Theme, then select Custom .docx.
  3. Give your theme a name, eg Packing slip with invoice.
  4. Next to your theme, use the Upload button to upload the template.

Generate and print your packing slip

  1. For a new packing slip, click the add icon Image of the add icon., then select Invoice.
  2. Enter details of your sales invoice. Select the branding theme you set up for printing the packing slip.
  3. Save and approve your invoice.
  4. Print your packing slip to PDF.

To create a packing slip for an existing invoice, you can edit the invoice and select your packing slip branding theme.

If you removed the invoice content from our packing slip template, you'll need to select a different branding theme when you want to generate the invoice.

Example of packing slip with sales invoice using the Xero template:

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